AFL BEAUTY BAR was born in 2018 and stands for ALL FOR LOVE!
AFL's mission is to serve the community to elevate their confidence and enhance their exiting beauty. AFL is a place where all people, no matter what race, skin tone, body shape, or sexual orientation can come to feel beautiful. Fatema Love started the company in her NYC apartment and in the course of three years, it has exploded into one of the biggest Med Spas in the country. AFL  plans to expand to all 50 states across the nation, and also to other countries! Come into any of our locations and see why AFL is not just a Med Spa, it is a family.



Fatema Love is a rose that grew from concrete. As a Palestinian Refugee who later grew up in the Bronx, and had to raise herself at the young age of 15, she quickly learned the value of hard work. Many doors were closed in her face but she chose to open them all with a yearning for opportunity and love.

Fatema believes in female empowerment, uplifting others, and always moving with the intention of love. As a child, she quickly realized the importance of community, which inspired her to learn 6 languages! Her love for learning new cultures and traditions is why her company and clientele are so vastly diverse.

Inclusion, diversity, and love are the foundation that built Fatema into the female boss she is today.  When being asked what is her mission in this life, she would respond with “Spreading the message of love, for its contagious!” For anyone who comes in contact with her, they could attest that she is living out her mission, simultaneously making it the mission of everyone she touches as well.

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